Roland Bell lll better known as Bellion Boss, is an American hip-hop
recording artist and singer, from the South Side of Houston, TX. Bellion
attended Fairchild Elementary, Attucks Middle and Jones High School. As
a youth, Bellion always demonstrated an extraordinary passion for music
and the art of how music is created. During a recent interview, one of
his closest friends stated, "I use to think he was crazy, always walking
around rapping to himself and making all kinds of different noises
lol"... Throughout Bellion’s journey he has collaborated with other
artist’s such as Super Producer FredOnEm, Chedda Da Connect, LockUpCEO,
Lil 30, ScoopaStar, Topik, Doughboy Wood, Jdawg, Doughboy of TSF, The
Herschelwood Hard Heads, and he grew up in the same neighborhood with
Lil’ Keke of the Screwed Up Click. Bellion released his Debut Ablum,
"Bless Me In', March 4, 2016 and on May 18, 2016, Bellion released,
"Fingerprints the Mixtape", to show appreciation for his fans. Bellion
released his Hot single, “Donald Trump” March 15, 2017. Most recently
Bellion linked up with LockUpCEO and Lil 30 to create their hit single
“YNS”. Bellion released his first single, "Hatred", from his second
album, "Messenger" that will be released very soon. Bellion collaborated
with the legendary accredited platinum producer, Bruce "Grim" Rhodes,
whom has played a key role in the success of many Southern Artists such
as; 8Ball & MJG, Lil Troy, Scarface, C-Note, Botany Boyz, Mass 187,
Willie D, Yungstar, Fat Pat, Lil' Keke, Big Hawk , and DJ Screw. Bellion
Boss tells the story of living life through his eyes through trial,
error, and tribulations. In 2010 Bellion founded his record label G.M.T.
Digital Media; he is currently the acting C.E.O. This is definitely not
the last you will hear about this rising star.

"Really Live the good life, it's not a dream this is real life."


Bellion Boss